Barbary Coast slot

Sailing with Pirates in Barbary Coast Slot

Land Ahoy! Of course this phrase means the act of placing a symbol at a predesignated location on the reels, at least it means that in regards to this pirate themed Barbary Coast slot game from Betsoft. Indeed it’s the high seas players are off to with this slot game and the awaiting quality graphics and designated symbols for the reels. Most every part of this slot involves the theme in its portrayal, making the experience relatively immersive, for a slot game. That being said, developers Betsoft have definitely committed with this slot theme, and despite the popularity of the theme across online slots, this one does offer something unique.

The game itself comprises 5 reels and a set of 30 pay lines, an amount which Betsoft consistently employ on their reels and most often with the option to adjust them, as is the case in this slot game. Barbary Coast slot has all the betting options available laid out in rather splendid thematic fashion beneath the reels, in the guise of barrels and cannons and including a bet per line option which allows for a decent range on the betting. The developers of this game are also quite notorious for including plenty of bonus features into their slot games and the same is the case for this particular slot. Players will find free spins, Wilds and a handful of interactive, pirate themed bonus games.

The Pirates’ Theme and Symbols Involved

Betsoft do enjoy milking their theme for all its worth and the result, for the most part, is definitely appealing. With this Barbary Coast slot for instance, the title of which is in reference to a coastal region of Northern Africa that pre 19th century operated as a known hub of pirate activity, practically all of the aspects available for thematic employment have been utilised. This includes the main ones like symbols on the reels, a border to said reels and of course a thematically suggestive soundtrack. Additional touches to this portrayal include the representation of the buttons below the reels and most importantly the various themed bonus games, which add a unique level of immersion.

Onto the reels for a moment to scope out the symbols a little more closely and it seems that on the available list there are pirates, damsels, gold, maps, parrots, a treasure chest, cannons and even a compass. Pretty much the usual suspects when the theme of pirates comes to mind, and on the reels of Barbary Coast slot they look very much in place.

The Bonus Features to Learn and Discover

Any good slot game online or otherwise requires a few bonus features and Betsoft especially love breaking them up into a couple of fun and interactive pieces. On the list of available bonus features to discover in this Barbary Coast slot, players will find a free spins feature triggered through the parrot symbol. This rather standard free spins feature is followed up by the fact that a cannon symbol on the middle reel turns that reel Wild. There are also three different and unique bonus games to trigger and play, offering immersive gameplay and some decent prizes throughout the game.