Wild, Bonuses And Scatters – Slots And Their Extra Goodies.

Slot machines are great fun to play. The bright lights and happy sounds are often backed up with real solid, good old game play, and of course the chance to hit that impressive jackpot.

Many slots have a whole slew of extra features though, so knowing your way around these is a great place to start when it comes to choosing the right slot for you.

Many, Many Wilds

Wilds are one of the most common extra features you will come across in slot machine or pokies. These could be sticky wilds, stacking wilds, expanding wilds, shifting wilds, transferring wilds, random wilds, or walking wilds.

In all features, however, a wild will take the place of another symbol. What you want here is more than one wild per line, which is where sticky wilds in the like come into play.

If you get a wild which stays on the screen for a number of spins, the odds of spinning a line with a higher amount of matching symbols increases.

Scatter Symbols

These are possibly the most popular symbols amongst slot players. Scatters don’t have to be in any particular order to pay out, as their name suggests they can be pretty much anywhere on the screen.

Scatters usually don’t pay out huge amounts, but having a number of them in your spins is always useful.

Bonus Games and Symbols

Not all pokies have these, so you need to read up carefully to see what each individual game offers on the various betting sites Australia. Bonus games are great fun to play and can be incredibly lucrative.

They break up the monotony of spinning reels and often add an element of skill to a game which is otherwise mostly luck. Bonus games can range from little wheel of fortune options to full on video games where you may have to work out a puzzle or shoot a target.

These games have become so popular among players that disappointment has sometimes been overheard when a jackpot has been won without the bonus game being triggered.

Bonus symbols are icons which are found on the reels that trigger the bonus games. These, of course, vary from game to game.

Cascading Reels

These have gained popularity since the gem based social media games almost took over the world. Pokies with cascading reels offer the player a chance to get new symbols on each spin via an new and innovative reel system where the icons fall from the top and “blow up” the icons below them.

Although this doesn’t really change the game play a huge amount, it does look rather pretty.

Progressive Jackpots

Finally we come to one of the biggest draws when it comes to online pokies; progressive jackpots. These are jackpots which grow as each player around the world plays a particular game, thus increasing the overall pool.

The jackpot is usually displayed predominantly at the top of the screen, and keeps going up all the while that you are playing.

If a person does win it, it resets down to a specific point, and then begins to climb again. Not all games have these progressive jackpots, but it is well worth seeking out those that do. Winning one of these may be a life changing experience.