A Beginner’s Guide To Online Slots

Online Slots guide

A Beginner’s Guide To Online Slots

The attraction of slots has probably always been the easiness of the game, it requires no in depth skills or hard core strategies but it still delivers fun and excitement and could deliver big wins.

In the age of the internet, online slots are possibly even more popular than slots at a land based casino.

Finding a trusted website and starting can seem intimidating, but just as there are so many great Australian sports betting sites there are plenty of places to give slots a try.

So if you are a beginner in the world of slots and need some tips, strategies or basic information, here is a short guide to get you started:

The most popular online slots:

3D video Slots

Surging in popularity probably due to their fancy animations and lengthy jackpot winning animated sequences, this type of online slot games are paving the way forward for all online slot games.

Three reel classic Slots

Think old school casino slots and you will get the basics of online three reel. Using the classic bars, melons, cherries and bells, the nostalgic era of three reel slots is still fun and very popular

Five reel Slots

The five reel is fundamentally similar to the three reel slot but obviously has increased in real size. The increased real size allows for more paylines and more possibilities to win. This is a common classic slot game and likely the most favourite amongst slots players

Progressive Slots

In progressive slots, part of you bet goes toward the jackpot spread across the lines. Though rarely won, it can bring in huge jackpots due to the low amounts of jackpots being won.

Mobile slots

Its all in the name, these slot games were developed for on the go mobile users and the ease of access to these games had led to them being one of the fastest growing online gambling gaming options available today.

The actual basics of playing slots:

  • Pay table – first always check each slots payouts for different winning combos, ensure its worth playing
  • Betline – starting at as little as $0.01 always set a line to start out small and grow from there
  • Spin – hit the given “spin” button, you have started!
  • Jackpot – or not, each spin is ripe with possibilities
  • Bonus rounds – you could possibly get bonus rounds which are usually free spins (with t&c’s, conditions and fine print if you win a jackpot on your bonus spins)

(FYI random number generators are used to calculate the percentage paid out, very similar to other online gaming like roulette or blackjack.

This type of random generator ensures fair and random spins; it is usually certified by a third party authority).

Picking a good Slots site to suite you:

Research – Try out a sites frees spins, check on sites reviews – do they pay out/are they full of teeny tiny fine print/do they have slot styles you would enjoy etc.

Check if their online support has good reviews too, as bad online support often means overall bad customer support.

Sign up bonuses – finding a site that offers players sign up bonuses is actually quite easy. Online slot site need you to visit, you do not need to visit their sites so remember that your custom is valuable.

Mobile – Even if you are not playing on your cell phone, you need to make sure the site is staying current and relevant. An outdated site is not going to offer great games and the best odds.