Mobile Casinos, Online Casino’s Smaller Sibling?

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The Mobile Casinos Movement

Let’s talk mobile casinos. A few years ago online casinos became all the rage and began to outshine their brick and mortar counterparts, thanks to the spread of the internet.

This still had some restrictions, however, such as having to actually have a computer in front of you in order to play casino games and possibly win.

Cellular phones came onto the world stage at round about the same time, but it took a few years for their technology to catch up with that of online casinos.

These days one can play casino games from almost anywhere in the world that you are, as long as you have enough data and a secure internet connection.

But are these mobile casinos on par with their online counterparts? Read on, dear reader, in order to find out the answer.

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The Technology Aspect

The main difference between the two types of online casino is the technology on which they are hosted or played.

Computers have a much larger processing power, bigger screens, and more RAM than mobile devices. To be fair, modern mobile devices are catching up so fast that they have already made a number of older computers obsolete.

This does affect game play, however. An online casino can use a downloadable client, which basically means that the casino’s software is downloaded onto your computer, much like a normal computer game.

As a computer has a bigger hard drive and more memory, the games can be more elaborate and varied.

A mobile casino can also download onto your device but will be limited in the number of games it is able to offer so that it does not take up too much space.

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The Aesthetics Aspect

Online casinos are played on a large desktop or lap top screen which usually are HD and have a very high screen resolution.

Every little detail is crystal clear, and the games can have as much detail as the developers can cram into them.

Canadian mobile casinos are more often than not run on either a smart phone or a tablet. A tablet has a bigger screen than a smart phone, sure, but still nowhere near the size of a desktop monitor.

This means that the games are less detailed so that they are easier to see and fit onto the screen properly.

The No Download Aspect

Both online and mobile casinos can be played in your browser without having to download anything. There is also a difference between the two of these, of course.

Online casinos can still have largely the same games as their downloadable options, but if your machine is older than five years, or your internet connection isn’t strong then you may experience freezing and jerking of the screen which invariably happens at a crucial moment in your game.

Mobile instant play casinos are designed to run on the device which you are using. They are smooth, with no jerking or freezing for the most part.

Modern mobile devices have the advantage of pretty much being designed to run games off the internet, quickly and smoothly.

The Consensus

The main difference between the mobile and online casino is where and how it is played. If you are settled n your cozy office with your laptop, the online version is the way to go.

For those who are on the move, constantly looking for something to pass the time while on the bus, an instant, mobile casino will be more your thing.

Either way, they both promise hours of engaging game play and possibly a much heavier wallet.