Why You’ll Love Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette is known as “the King of Casino Games” for good reason. The action is simple, but very exciting, and anyone who has played knows it’s impossible not to hold your breath as you wait to see where the ball will finish up when the wheel comes to rest.

A lot of historians believe that the game was originally created in France during the 1700s, after mathematician Blaise Pascale had created a crude prototype for the wheel in his efforts to make a perpetual motion machine. Now it’s enjoyed in almost every casino in the world.

In the past, online operators used Random Number Generation and slick graphics to simulate rounds of Roulette. That’s still really enjoyable, of course, but with improvements in technology live dealer games have also become popular. For total immersion and realistic experiences, it doesn’t get better than this.

A Dealer on Your Device

In live casino online games, professional dealers operate physical casino equipment. That means they spin the Roulette wheel and drop the ball onto it. All the action is recorded with state-of-the-art video cameras, and then relayed to your device via high-speed Internet. You get to bet on and win the events as they take place in real time.

As well as spinning the wheel and dropping the ball, the dealers will banter with you so that you really do feel like you’re in a land-based establishment when you play. Depending on the bets you place, you can win as much or even more cash as when you play real money slots online.

Your hosts, and the studios or special casino areas that they stream from, are always gorgeous to add an extra layer of glamour to the games. Most sites also allow you to activate a live chat feature and talk to other players, so you can exchange tips and enjoy a really sociable experience.

The Best of Both Worlds

When you play live dealer Roulette, you’ll feel the great atmosphere that comes with brick-and-mortar gaming. There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of a physical casino, but travelling to get to them is not always possible. That’s where online casinos come in, but no matter how great the Random Number Generation games are, they’re not quite the same as their land-based counterparts.

With live Roulette, you get to play a truly authentic game whenever and wherever you wish to. Added to this total convenience are the other online casino advantages; you have more choice, lower minimum bets, higher payouts and better bonuses.

You can even discuss betting strategy with fellow players, which is always interesting since the entire branch of mathematics known as Probability Theory developed due to a dispute over Roulette. Each round takes a little longer than with simulated, Random Number Generation games, because you have to actually wait for the wheel to stop spinning, but you’ll get used to that very quickly. And once you’ve tried live gaming for yourself, you’ll see that it really is like having a little piece of Las Vegas with you wherever you go.