Popular Online Roulette Strategies

If you have ever visited a land-based casino, one of the first things you may have noticed is the roulette table. They are unique on any casino floor thanks to the special wheel that makes the game so popular among players.

Roulette is also one of the oldest casino games you will come across, dating back hundreds of years, and the modern version has not changed much.

One of the biggest changes that roulette has gone through in the last 100 years, however, is its digitisation into online roulette by casino developers.

It’s extremely easy to find online roulette these days, as almost all reputable online casinos will offer it in one form or another, and every game comes with its own theme, rules, and even a portable version of the game that can be enjoyed on mobile devices.

Online roulette has become popular across the world, from the United States to New Zealand, and along with the appealing Gaming Club online casino bonuses, the chance of winning at a roulette table can make any player want to have a go.

With this in mind, many might wonder if there are some strategies that can be used to better the odds at your average online roulette table. To answer this, we need to have a look at how these online machines function.

Roulette Overview

To start with, players should know that there are two common types of roulette table in the world.

These are the American and European versions, and they are similar in just about every single way except one: the European version has one zero on the wheel while the American version has a double zero.

This may not seem like a big difference, but it has to do with the house edge; how the casino gains the advantage.

The double zero on an American table means that there is twice as much chance of landing a zero during the game, which puts the player at a disadvantage. For this reason, always try and find a European table to play at.

The next is to learn how the bets work, which can be complicated.

There are many different types of bets that can be taken out, and for the most part, newer players will want to try and stick with betting odds, red and black, evens, and a combination of those until you learn more advanced forms of betting.

Online Strategies and Systems

online roulette - gambling onlineWhen it come to Roulette there are a few betting systems that have been popular for years.

The Martingale is the most famous of these, but there is also the D’Alembert, Paroli, and Oscars Grind to name but few.

Each of these betting systems works on positive or negative progression- increasing or decreasing bets depending on a win or a loss.

In the Martingale system a player must double their bet after every loss, so that their first win would then recover all losses, plus include a profit equal to the original stake.

It is a never-fail strategy essentially, but it is one that requires a large bankroll as you need to be able to play for as long as it takes to recoup the loss, and your bet must double each time!