The Martingale System Explained- Popular Betting Strategy

The Martingale System Explained- Popular Betting Strategy


The Martingale system is well known in casino circles and is used in games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow and Roulette.  This system is one of the easiest to master and there is nothing complicated about it, it does however require a large bankroll.

The maths used in the Martingale system is basic with a few easy steps to follow.  When this system is used as a negative progression system the player will increase their bet if they lose.

This negative progression is based on the assumption that the probability of losing many bets consecutively will eventually lead to a winning bet at some stage.  This may sound great, but this negative way of using the martingale system has its flaws.

There are many players who have tried this system at some point and the reason is probably that the system is easy and seems to be a winner when first looked at.  All progressive systems, like the Martingale do not guarantee a win.

This system is most often used in casino games, which have even money bets, such as Roulette, which has the option of outside bets like odds and evens.

The Martingale system has also been used when placing pass or don’t pass bets when playing Craps and can even be used when placing sports bets.

With this system there are two basic rules, the first being to double the bet when a player loses and to increase the bet by one base unit after a win.  The base unit is not a set amount, but can be decided upon by the player but it is advisable to keep the amount small.

How Does the System Work?

An example of how the system works when playing Roulette at Canadian casino online is as follows.  If a player bets one chip on red and the ball lands on black then they will lose their one chip bet.

The player will then follow the Martingale system and bet two chips on red and if the red wins the players wins two chips which will mean a recovery of the one chip lost in the previous round.  If the black had won again the player would have doubled their bet and placed a bet of four chips on red to win.

Martingale System - online casino games

This process could continue and seems to work in theory, but as all casino players know, there are always other factors to consider when playing, and most of all the casino always has the edge.

Can the Martingale System be Successful?

It seems that this system can be successful at least for the short-term and it has worked for longer for some players if there are no losing streaks.  The problem however comes when the losing streak hits and all casino players can attest to this.

The biggest flaw of the Martingale system is that the bets do not take long to get high if the bets are lost. If a player loses 5 times in a row for example the stakes will increase quickly and considerably and there is no guarantee of a win for the next round.

This system may work well for players with a large bankroll, but this is not always possible.  In the long term players may find themselves getting to the point where they can no longer afford to play and it is then time to quit.

It is always wise for casino players to have a plan of action, but to always keep in mind that systems do not always work.  Most casino games are mostly games of chance and there is no way to get around this.