Free Online Blackjack – Is it Worth Playing?

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Free Online Blackjack – Why Pay To Play?

Blackjack is a very popular card game which is available on most online casinos in Canada. There are a number of different variations on the game, including being able to play free online blackjack or via a paid membership.

So what are the advantages of paying for blackjack, if any? Is it worth it to go for the free versions which are offered by various sites? Read on to answer this important question.

Free Online Blackjack and Free Bets Blackjack

At this point, it is important to make clear the difference between these two variants.

Free online blackjack is often offered by social networks such as Facebook, who also offer other games that are not casino related, like the ever-popular Farmville.

Free online blackjack on Facebook does not carry any winnings in real money. This particular version is played more for fun than anything else, and often carries more of a social aspect, especially when it is played between a group of people.

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Free online blackjack is another kettle of fish. In this version, one can play blackjack in a real, licensed online casino and possibly win an amount of money without having to deposit anything into their casino account.

The obvious question here is why would an online casino give away money for free?

The answer is that although they do, there are quite a few rules tied to the game which ensures that they don’t get taken to the cleaners.

So How Does Free Bets Blackjack Work?

The big thing with free bet Blackjack is that the casino will pay the player to split and double in specific outcomes.

Players can get a free split on all pairs except 10 values, and a free double on all two card totals which don’t involve aces.

The rest of the rules in free bets blackjack are pretty much the same as regular blackjack, except for a few notable exceptions such as the dealer must hit on soft 17’s, and players may not online blackjack - free bets online - casino gambling online

The biggest difference which protects the house edge against the free double down and splits is the Push 22 rule.

This rule states that whenever the dealer busts with a hand of 22, players receive their bets back as a push instead of winning outright.

I highly recommend that you take the time to really get to grips with the differences between the two games by reading a number of articles on the topic.

The House Edge

This is where the casino ensures that they don’t get taken to the cleaners by free bets blackjack players. Free blackjack Canada games usually feature a house edge of about 1.04%. this does vary from casino to casino, but remains pretty much the same.

This house edge is almost double the house edge which one has to overcome when playing regular blackjack, which ultimately leads to fewer wins for players.

But Is It Worth Trying?

This can only really be answered by your own opinion. The free aspect of the game is offset by a high house edge, which means that you are less likely to win.

The rules are a bit different, and you need to get to know them.

On the other hand, free bets blackjack is highly inviting, especially when you win a few hands without having to put down any money initially.

I recommend you try it out, see whether it is for you and take it from there.