Viking Age slot

Online Viking Age Slot’s Warrior Treasure Quest

One of the things a number of BetSoft online video slot games have in common, apart from multiple bonus extras and vivid art design, is a character that stands alongside the reels to encourage the player and make a fuss over big wins. In BetSoft’s five-reel Viking Age slot, this is Amma, a buxom flame-haired Viking wench in a bodiced mini-skirt highly unsuitable for long sea voyages, and a hairstyle to make Princess Leia and Daenerys Targaryan green with envy.

Although Amma does not so much encourage the player, as pout, toss her hair and jeer, especially if the player takes too long to decide on the various bet settings. There are 30 adjustable paylines, coin denominations range from 0.02 to 0.50, and players can bet a maximum of 5 credits per line. Amma’s charms aside, the rest of the Viking Age slot’s iconography relates to the Vikings’ reputation as fearsome warriors and explorers. The reels are framed in a heavy stone rune gate, intricately carved with Nordic symbols, erected in a leafy forest glade. The game symbols all relate to Viking war-craft and seamanship, and stirring martial music plays throughout.

Three Bonus Symbols Boost Range of Prizes

The Viking Age slot has no Wild icon, but it counters this with three different bonus games. The arm-wrestling symbol is a Scatter, so three anywhere trigger the Bonus Round on a second screen. The player must bet on one of the Viking competitors, and then a coin-toss decides which wrestler is stronger. Either way, the player wins an instant coin prize, which like all the pay table prizes must be multiplied by the credit denomination to calculate the true win. If the player picks the winning arm-wrestler, however, the prize is bigger.

The second Scatter in Viking Age slot is the Viking helmet on a grave. Three of these activate the Runestone Door feature. All five reels change to great carved stone doors, and the player uses Amma to pick a runic symbol on the frame, which in turn opens a door. This reveals a prize of either instant credits, a free spins round, or an immediate arm-wrestling Bonus Round.

Free Spins Round with Spinning Multipliers

Amma herself is the Viking Age slot’s third Scatter icon, and three or more matches activate the Multiplier Free Spins round. The number of matching symbols in the triggering spin determines the number of free spins, but the reel frames also turn into columns containing three spinning multiplier symbols, which show new values on every free spin.

During Viking Age slot’s free spins, whenever matching multiplier symbols start and end a payline and that payline produces a winning symbol combination, the prize is increased according to the matching multipliers.

Base Play Wins up to 1,500 Coins

The eight payline symbols in Viking Age slot also produce some worthwhile wins, especially at the maximum bet of 5 credits per spin making it one of the best casinos online for real money jackpots. Five of the payline icons require matches on Reels 1 and 2 only, on the same payline, to win prizes, so these symbols produce several small consolation wins more often.

The three icons that need three matches or better are a wooden shield, a carved runestone, and the dragon prow of a Viking longship. The five higher-value symbols are gold and jewels, a war axe, the longship at sea, the drunken red-headed Viking Captain, and his blonde berserker Warrior. For five of a kind, the Warrior pays the top payline prize at a 5-credit bet: 1,500 coins.