Sunny Scoops Slot Review for Players Online

The online slot world is almost completely dominated by software developers that have been around for decades, and have hundreds of different games in their vast libraries. In the midst of all this, however, there some some smaller companies that make extremely unique slots that many would enjoy playing. Thunderkick Games is one of these companies, and their slots have become famous for being different, offering unique and interesting gameplay. Many of the slots developed by Thunderkick are a mixture of arcade and slot machine, and this is evident with their sweet-themed slot, Sunny Scoop.

Sunny Scoop features mostly traditional play at casino, set against 3 reels and 14 paylines, but that’s generally where the similarities end. Along with this, there is a small but frequent jackpot of 5x and a return to player percentage of 96%.

Sunny Scoops Aesthetics

As far as aesthetically appealing games go, Sunny Scoop is definitely up there with the best of them. Instead of the usual pixel sprites that most slots use, Sunny Scoop instead opts for a more 3D approach to their imagery, where things like ice cream cones and the various toppings are well drawn and animated. The backdrop of the game is a simple and pleasant blue sky with some clouds here and there.

Below the game itself, the options and settings of Sunny Scoop are in a darker grey, and everything the player needs is readily available. Unlike most other online Australian pokies, there are no extra details attached to the reels. The main game is simply three ice cream cones, and the symbols of both high and low value are comprised of different flavours for the ice cream. The flavours include are chocolate, lemon, strawberry, and more. This truly makes the game unique amongst its competitors. There are no wilds and scatters included in Sunny Scoops, and the main focus of the game is almost entirely on the ice cream cones and the different flavours that players can make them.

Sunny Scoops Spinning Bonus Feature

The main bonus feature in Sunny Scoops is split into two parts, and to start it off, players will need to land matching flavours across a reel. Next, players will see large ice cream tower that contains a spinner, which will begin spinning. Where it lands determines the multiplier that the player will receive, and that multiplier will then be added to the overall winnings for that round. There is also a chance of landing a special food symbol instead of a multiplier, and the food symbol is used to trigger the free spins bonus.

Sunny Scoops Free Spins Bonus

Upon landing the food symbol from the spinning bonus, players receive ten free spins which immediately go in to effect A multiplier ladder will also appear on the side of the game during this bonus, and every winning spin will move the player up the rungs of the ladder. For every spin that is not successful, however, the player will move down the ladder. The multiplier is added for every move up the ladder, meaning that four successful spins will grant the player a 4x multiplier, and so on.

Sunny Scoops Verdict

Unique slot games with their own style of gameplay are some of the most popular in the online gambling world, and Sunny Scoops is certainly one of the better ones around.