The Top 4 Best Online Slots To Keep An Eye Out For

The Best Online Slot Games to Enjoy Playing Right Now - Play the best Online Pokies

This year sees some exciting new slots on the horizon. With many we have received very little info other than a few screen shots, but they have been enough to whet our appetite.

Lets look at new online pokies for real money from top developers right now!

Nice From Foxuim

Futuristic space themed pokie are quite common, with recent releases like Aliens, Cosmomix, Battlestar Galactica and Bounty Hunt showing how popular these themes are with slot fans.

Foxium has announced a new slot with such a theme called Nice.

While they have revealed tantalisingly little about this slot’s mechanics, the screens they have shown makes this look like a chillingly fun game, ideal for real money online slots play.

So far all we know for sure is that this pokie will have a 5×3 reel layout.

The Mask Of Zorro

Playtech is a good few years late to the party with this release as it is based on the 1998 film starring Antonio Banderas. Mask of Zorro is a 5×4 slot with graphics and special features pulled straight from the hit film.

Players can train in Zorro’s cave before they try their luck on the reels, standing a chance to win an incredible 400 000 jackpot.

Playtech have managed to capture the look and atmosphere of the film, making this a unique online pokies casino experience well worth your time.

Playboy Gold

Playboy Gold is the updated version of the hit original pokie game. Whether fans liked this slot for its playability or if the mere fact that it had the playboy brand name on it drove it to fame, it is back with some much needed improvements.

Many slot fans have played the original to death and they are looking for some new features. Microgaming has so far revealed the supersized 6×10 reel design which is filled with 100 paylines.

Unfortunately the developer has been tight lipped on what special features will be included. Odds are Microgaming will be treating this, one of their biggest licences, with kit gloves.

There are many fans to disappoint if Microgaming does not rise to the challenge.


Turning into one of the biggest films of 2018, Jumanji is now back in online pokie form. NetEnt have somehow managed to snatch up the licensing rights for this movie and they announced that it will be released sometime in February.

It is a bit worrying that NetEnt is delivering the game in such a short time, but this developer always delivers on its big licences so fan anticipation is high for this one.

The game is titled a Video Slot which means there could be extended clips from the film as well as actor portraits featured here which would make this a huge success.

Jumanji Online Slot by NetEnt - Play the best Online Pokies

The Smashing Biscuit

Pear Fiction is a relatively small developer which almost ensures that they will be delivering some innovative and original content.

Their next planned release is a slot called The Smashing Biscuit, a slot based on 3 kids starting a new band.

You must help them through the trials and tribulations of rock star life while netting some big bonuses in the process.

This pokie’s graphical style and unique theme makes it stand out from the other releases set for next month.

We hope you enjoyed this overview of the best online slots to keep an eye out for to play at the best online casinos right now!