All About Progressive Jackpots In Slots

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All About Progressive Jackpots In Slots

Slot games are the most popular casino game in the world, by a huge margin. In fact, so popular are slot games that it is estimated an enormous 80% of casino revenue is entirely from slot games. And who doesn’t love slot games?

They are simple, straightforward, and allow a player to simply sit back and pit themselves against lady luck. And it also helps that slot games, in the online world, have become extremely high quality on pleasant to engage.

But it isn’t just that online slots NZ games are pleasant that makes them so popular, of course. There is also the lure of becoming an instant millionaire.

That is, if the person in question is playing a slot game with a progressive jackpot system. But what is a progressive jackpot, and how exactly does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does A Progressive Jackpot Work?

The progressive jackpot is awarded to a player based entirely on luck. There is nothing that a player can do when playing the game to increase the chances of winning, which makes the system entirely fair to everyone playing that particular slot game.

Every player has an equal chance, 100% per cent of the time, with no advantages of any kind to any one player. This system is the core of what makes progressive jackpot systems so favoured.

In terms of the progressive jackpot growing, it should be kept in mind that the jackpot itself is generated by the players. All slot games of the same type are connected, and feed a jackpot pool dynamically.

Each time a player takes a spin, a small amount of the bet is added to the jackpot amount. This keeps the jackpot growing, over time, making it an ever-bigger amount and ever more inciting prize.

Hence, one of the major aspects of progressive jackpot slot games that make the design is ingenious is that it is a shared amount, between many players, growing from those players, and also available to those players as a potential win.

How Likely Is It To Win?

The chances of winning the progressive jackpot are small, as all progressive jackpot players know. Some progressive jackpots have run for years and never been won, which gives an idea of how likely winning is.

Of course, the progressive jackpot is not the only prize to be won playing the slot game. A number of other, smaller jackpot amounts can be won, with a much higher likelihood.

It should also be taken into consideration that although the chances of winning the progressive jackpot are slim, the difference between a jackpot of this type, and a national lottery, is that a player may spin the reels as many times as they like, with a new chance of winning for each time the reels are spun.

In the case of a national lottery, there is only ever one set chance to win per week, depending on how many tickets have been bought.

In other words; a progressive jackpot is like a controlled lottery, with a player able to keep trying for as long as they desire.