Ancient Civilisation Themed Aztec Treasure Slot Reviewed Online

Jump into a section of history from thousands of years ago with this Aztec Treasure slot game from developers Betsoft. A slot theme based on the Aztec civilisation is by no means a new endeavour, with this particular theme choice actually ranking up there as one of the more popular available. Perhaps it is the mystery attached to these ancient people, or their close relation to hidden treasures and fortune. Either way, this sort of theme has made it onto the reels of many a slot game for particular and recurring reasons and this particular slot game represents the theme well, with pretty much most of the available aspects being employed in some shape or fashion onto the screen and through some decent graphics to result in a rather appealing setting.

Looking passed the visual appeal players will identify a set of 3 reels with 3 rows across and just 8 adjustable pay lines. This setup is rather basic, but the reels of this slots game include a feature that allows players to hold reels after a spin, then spin the remaining reels again, to allow for a degree of control in forming the combinations on the reels. There is also a range of betting options that Betsoft have included to accompany the adjustable pay lines involved. In lieu of bonus features this slot also goes all out, including free spins, Wilds, mini game features and even a progressive jackpot.

Exploring the Popular Aztec Treasure Slot Theme

Indeed this theme choice here is quite a popular one for the reels of a slot game, however Betsoft do have a knack for creating rather unique and exemplary slot themes onto the reels, with all the necessary features and aspects equipped to add to the atmosphere. A few of these factors include the reels themselves, the symbols thereupon as well as the backdrop to the whole screen, the colour scheme employed and even the soundtrack, to add a little audio to the proceedings. Overall the result is quite a pleasant one to behold and the thematic presence on screen is only emboldened through the themed bonus features.

On the topic of symbols this Aztec Treasure slot includes a couple of the usual suspects for slots of this theme choice. These involve the likes of various ornaments, masks, necklaces and other associated paraphernalia.

Ancient Bonuses on these Aztec Reels

The first feature is the aforementioned holding reels, which allows players to pick and choose which of the 3 reels spins the second time around. Add to this a Wild symbol which has the ability to increase the chances of combinations forming on the reels and these two features have a pretty good base setup. The other bonuses involved in this Aztec Treasure slot from Betsoft include various themed features like the gemstone bonus round which triggers when players land the 3 different coloured gems on the reels progressively. Once all these gems are collected the round begins. There is even a progressive jackpot in store for the players if they play the game at max bet, and is won when all 8 of the jckpot symbols appear on the reels.