More Roulette Myths That Need Busting

There’s no denying the elegance and appeal of a roulette table that’s been brought about by pop culture. This has resulted in myths and superstitions arising in an attempt to beat the house and walk home with the jackpot. Unfortunately, this is aa game of luck and chance – something that amateur players often forget as they try to find easy ways to work the system.

This game requires a good understanding of the odds, a solid strategy, and a whole load of luck if you are to emerge victoriously. Having said this, let’s take a look at some of the more common roulette myths.

5 Top Roulette Myths

  1. Past performance and experience determine success: While having experience will help you play the game; your past performance will have no effect on future games. The same applies to the other people playing. Their performance will not impact the outcome of your turn, so trying to follow a process of elimination will only cause confusion. Each colour and number combination runs the risk of being repeated, regardless of when last it occurred. This game is random and relies on luck.
  2. You can hedge the board perfectly: We’ve seen players try to outsmart the game after placing a few bets as they believe that they can hedge positions based on placing multiple bets. This is the equivalent of placing multiple bets in an attempt to increase your odds, and while it may work, it can also mess with your finances. This approach may work in the short term, but it shouldn’t be used as a long-term strategy.
  3. Martingale Makes Winning Easy: This strategy implies that if you place a losing bet, your next bet needs to be bigger to make up for the loss from the first bet. Unfortunately, this can become an expensive exercise very quickly should you continue losing.
  4. Only use one betting type: Many people believe that if they one using a specific bet, they’ll need to stick to it to continue winning because it worked so well the first time. Patterns do not exist in roulette, it’s a game of chance and strategy and becoming stuck in a way of thinking can become a money-losing trap. In all honesty, it’s probably in your best interest to try a wide range of options to increase your odds.
  5. You cannot win big: There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when it comes to determining the odds of winning, for example, the house edge. It is very much possible to win big when playing roulette, although you will need to be a high roller if you want to win big at the roulette table.

Are You Feeling Lucky?

While your gambling strategy will help you on your journey to success – whether playing Fair Go Casino free spins games or roulette, they are still games of luck and that’s what makes playing all the more exciting!