Roulette Myths Debunked


As with any game where there are huge sums of cash at stake, there are a vast number of myths that have arisen over the years about the game of Roulette.

We’ve taken the time to debunk those that are not true and to shed some light on others that do actually have a grain of truth in them.

The Devils Game

For some reason, Roulette has a few close ties to the devil, and it has often been referred to as ‘the devils game’. One myth is that the creators of the wheel, Blaise Pascal, sold his sold to the devil in exchange for the wheels secrets, and the other is that if you add up all the numbers on the wheel they equal 666.

Some even say that the American version of the game has an extra 00 slot so that the numbers cannot equal 66, but the fact of the matter is, there is no proof that the numbers added together al equal 66, and if you are any good at maths you’ll soon see this for yourself!

Prior Spins Affect Future Spins

While most players believe that the previous spins of the wheel have little influence on the future spins, there are these that are convinced that the past spins determine what happens next.

Roulette is a completely random game, and the outcome of one spin has no bearing on the next, but some players still insist they can pick up a pattern- which you probably can in anything from the online betting NZ has to offer to the lotto results if you look hard enough!

Every Wheel is The Same

This is quite an interesting myth, especially when you consider both the online and land based versions. In the online arena, most Roulette wheels will be much the same, as they are governed by Random Number Generators that ensure they spin a completely unbiased result every time.

In a land-based casino however, wheel may be different as they are made by different manufacturers around the globe. This however does not mean they produce different results, just that they may spin at a different rate, or may be weighted more heavily one way or another- although they are supposed to be even.

Strategy Works

Many players believe if they have the right strategy they can influence the outcome of the game, but as it is one of chance and completely random, they cannot.

However, there are positive and negative progression betting systems like the Martingale, Paroli and D’Alembert that do work to a degree, but these are based on mathematical structures rather than a strategy like one would use in Blackjack.

The Croupier Is in Control

In control of spinning the wheel and dropping the ball in, in the other direction; yes. But not of the end result.

No croupier should ever be able to influence the outcome of a game, and f they do, there’s something not right about the casino, so it could be considered unfair. That’s why we suggest to play at Spin Casino nz.