A Brief Guide to Best Roulette Betting Practices

A Brief Guide to Best Roulette Betting Practices

So there are really no sure-fire definite ways to guarantee a win in Roulette but by applying a good strategy you can increase your possible wins and/or decrease your potential losses.

Here are some best practices and tips when placing your bets:

  • A little bit of observation can greatly assist in your planning, by finding any possible biases on the wheel. Observe whether the casino croupier who spins the wheel perhaps spins similarly each time, this could mean a bias occurs. Or perhaps the wheel has a natural bias. Also observing the table you intend to sit at could show possible biases to work with.
  • Try only playing European roulette as American roulette has the 00 on the wheel that will reduce the odds of winning.
  • Betting on the smaller bets around the outside might have less spectacular profits but it could be a safer way to play.

The Most Well Known Betting Strategies:

The Martingale Strategy – This is when you double your bet after every loss, some might thinks this works but long term loss streaks could really wipe you out. I would not recommend the Martingale strategy unless you have a big bankroll.

The Grand Martingale Strategy – This is when you triple your bet after every loss, this is an even worse strategy, once again a long term loss streaks will wipe you out. Please do not use this one…it’s bad, really bad.

The Laboucher strategy – A popular strategy amongst real money roulette players, this is similar to the Martingale but has a more smooth play. The strategy is to take a row of numbers, add the first and last numbers; with each loss you add the bet to the end of the line. If you win, you subtract the number, if you lose you add the number the row of numbers on the table. If you win and manage to cancel all the numbers in the row – you are on top. If you keep adding to the row, you will run out of money

The Fibonacci Strategy – This number strategy is based on the number sequence found in nature, 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34. Basically the following number is a combination of the numbers before it. This strategy works by betting 10, if you lose you bet another 10, if you lose again you then bet 10 + 10, the next loss in the chain would be 10+20 and so on.

The D’Alembert Strategy – This is not one to follow at all, this is the thought that the universe is controlling the outcomes of the wheel, and that if one number comes up a lot you should bet on it less as the universe will need to even out and therefore that number will come up less…therefore you are wasting your bets.

The Paroli Strategy – This simple strategy is to increase you bet by the unit you win, so win 20 then the next bet will be 40 and so you go on. But you could also increase your bet by minimal amounts. This strategy is meant to try and work on the winning streak and keep your wins going.