How To Win More Often With Craps

Most people logging on to their favourite casinos will usually steer toward the games that they know the best, which is usually either blackjack, slots, poker, bingo, or roulette.

But craps is another extremely popular game that everyone that has a passion for casino games should give a try.

While it can be difficult to get a hang of at first, craps offers a rewarding and exciting experience that can often see the player ending their rounds with some extra cash in hand. Here we will look at a number of helpful tips and tricks that can increase the overall chances of winning more consistently.

The House Edge

The first place to get started is by learning how the house edge works. The house edge is the difference between the odds of being successful and the payout odds for a round. Craps tends to pay out less than the odds of winning, and this difference is how the house, or the casino, is how it makes its money.

The house edge is always represented as a percentage, and it can be used as an estimate to see how much the player can expect to lose. Knowing how it functions is important, especially when taking out bets that have specific edge percentages attached to them.

The Common Bets

Craps, similarly to roulette, offers many dozens of different bets, and they can all be fairly appealing. The problem is that almost all of these bets come with terrible house odds, meaning that the advantage is held by the house. There are some exceptions, however, and a new player will want to try and aim for bets that include: pass, don’t pass, come, don’t come, free odds, place 6, and place 8.

The reason that these are more desirable is because they have a house edge of less than 1.5%, meaning that they have the lowest house edge of them all. Try and always use the listed bets when taking out a wager during a fresh round of craps.

Stick With The Pass Line Bet

For those that are brand new to the game of craps, it’s generally recommended to try and avoid almost all of them at first, except for the pass line bet. It’s also recommended to try and find a free version of the game that can be played without having to invest any money.

This creates the opportunity to give the game a try and see what the bets are all about, as well as attempting the pass bet. Once the player has a hang of it, they can then begin looking at real money versions of craps and start making proper bets.

Ignore Bet Offers

When playing in live online tables where there is a dealer present, it’s likely that the dealer will offer a number of bets to try throughout the game, and it’s something that may be found in other games, such as real money pokies Australia.

It’s best to avoid these as much as possible, as the dealer will always offer a bet with a higher house edge. Rather stick with the listed bets here and use those to gain experience and winnings with the game.