Top Tips For Winning At Blackjack

So good are the Blackjack player’s odds, that a skilled player has a very near even chance of winning when compared to the house. This makes of Blackjack the perfect casino game of skill, and one enjoyed by millions of players all over the world.

Blackjack also happens to be a social game, meaning it’s perfect for a night of fun and mingling out on the town.

For first time players, trying a new game at the casino can be daunting. But with Blackjack, this needn’t be the case. Below is a collection of our best tips for playing a winning game right from the start.

Basic Is Best

When starting out, it’s best to learn and follow what we call Basic Strategy.

Basic Strategy means aways assuming that the next card drawn will be a 10. While this approach won’t guarantee a win, it will greatly improve the player’s odds.

Double Up On 11

When the first two cards total 11, the player should always double up on the bet. This is because the odds are at this point vastly improved for drawing a Blackjack – 21.

By the same logic, remember to always split two Aces. Since the player should always expect a ten, such a move could potentially mean two hands of Blackjack in one game.

Never Split 10s or 5s

Don’t ever split when dealt two 10s. By the same token, when faced with two 5s, regard this as a 10.

This is because with a ten in hand, your chances are very good in terms of drawing another hand, resulting in a total of 20.

Remember The Streak

It’s true: Blackjack does indeed flow in streaks. For this reason, players will often be heard referring to hot or cold tables.

As such, when on a winning streak of 3 or more hands won in a row, it’s becoming time for the player to raise their bet in order to potentially maximise on the return.

Not Knowing Isn’t A Shame

Don’t be afraid to tell your dealer you’re a beginner. Most dealers will be happy to guide you through the process and help you learn the ropes.

Remember: everybody has to start somewhere.

Set A Limit For Yourself

Setting and sticking to a budget is important when playing Blackjack – or any other casino game, for that matter.

Setting a daily limit will ensure that you remain in control of your budget. Overspending is a bummer.

Sticking to a limit means not gambling more than you can afford to do without. Don’t ever allow other players to pressurise you into playing on when you’ve decided to stop.

Start Small

Don’t be shy to sit yourself down at a table with a low minimum bet. Starting small is always the best approach while learning the ropes.

Mind Your Manners

Finally, be sure to tip your dealer whenever possible if playing in a land-based casino. If you’re playing at New Zealand betting sites that also feature casino games, this isn’t a requirement.

Just like those who serve your food and drink in a restaurant, dealers earn the bulk of their income from tips. You can tip the dealer at any point during a game.