Blackjack tips you need to know before you play

Blackjack Tips

Blackjack Tips You Need To Know Before You Play

Blackjack is an incredibly popular game all around the world, in both online and brick and mortar casinos. As popular as it is, however, there are still many people who are inexperienced or beginners to the game.

In order to improve your performance as a new player, there are a number of tips one can learn before entering a game.

Know Your Game

Yes, Blackjack is mostly a game of chance, unlike poker. You can, however, learn the game well enough to give you an advantage over the next guy who is simply guessing when to hit and when to stay.

Read up on as many of the rules as you can and practice the game at home with a family member. Becoming familiar with all aspects of the game is the edge that you are looking for.

Learn A Basic Strategy

Do not go into an online Blackjack game without any gameplay (pun intended). Developing even a basic strategy is essential in order to play the game with meaning and potentially turn a profit.

You must learn the correct way to hit, split, double down, when to stay and of course, what all those terms mean.

Basic strategies are a dime a dozen on the Internet, so choose yours carefully to ensure that it aligns with your style and ideas.

Don’t Sit In The First Base Seat

As a beginner to the game of blackjack, you really want to spend as much time watching as you can. Sit in a seat that allows you to assess what some of the other players are doing before it becomes your turn.

Don’t Get Influenced

Seasoned gamblers may circle like sharks around what they perceive to be a newbie. Smelling a quick profit, they may attempt to influence you in a number of ways.

Do not buy into their myths or any seemingly well-meaning advice. Remember that everyone is there to win, so stick to your guns and play the way you need to play.

On that note, don’t bet more than you have set aside for your bankroll either. Other players may try to encourage you to bet again and again but stick to your set limits.

Surviving to play another day is a big part of being a successful blackjack player.

Choose The Right Game For You

As a beginner, you want to be looking for a game that pays the full 3:2. Never go for a 6:5 game until you are really experienced in the ins and outs of the card game.

Look for an eight-deck game paying the full 3:2 on blackjack, which is always much better than a single deck blackjack game paying only 6:5.

Blackjack tips you need to know before you play

Avoid The Martingale System

Although there are a number of articles written on how the Martingale System really works and can ensure a profit, it should really only be tried by professionals.

Stick to your basic strategy and the tips above in order to learn, become better and eventually turn a profit. Winning at Blackjack is totally possible, more so than winning at a pure chance card game. You just need to know what you are doing.