Blackjack Events

On our site we have given quite a few tips and tricks on how to not only play Blackjack but on how to strategize and win. If you have been following our easy tips and have been practicing, you may be ready to try your hand at an actual Blackjack Tournament.

Just remember that tournament games are a step up from playing a few quick hands online, there would be a lot more pressure and advanced strategy is needed if you want to win at a Blackjack event. Practice makes perfect, so get your hands warm and get ready to strategize!

The Blackjack Event Guide

Blackjack tournaments are held over two or three rounds with many tables of players, with each table winner moving on to the next round.

The semi finals will include up to seven tables full of players, with the players with the winning hand from each table moving onto the finals.

The winner of the final round is usually paid out in cash (bonus) but this is not set in stone, always find out the rules of the tournament event you are participating in. The rules you should know do not just apply to how you get your winnings, but on all aspects of the actual event. These tournament rules will cover everything from number of players per table to the standard rules of play (this could change dependent on casino/city/country/rule changes – so be aware).

The rules of Blackjack seldom vary to a large degree – but know those rules anyway, a simple slip could mean an unnecessary loss that could see you exit early. By checking out the rules of each online casino you use, you will quickly become efficient and could even take a break from Blackjack to enjoy less intense but still fun games like the slots NZ has to offer!

Final Table strategy

So you have made it to the final round – great work on applying our tips and focusing on strategy! Now the heat is really on, with strategy becoming the sole focus of all your hands. First place is the natural goal for any sport and Blackjack is no different – its were the money is.

Your focus should be entirely on your opponents, watching how they behave, making sure not to waste your money on massive bets, lose small so you can check out the opposition. You will quickly see players exit if they bet too large in the first few hands of the final round.

In this the final round, you can let go of the conservativeness that helped you through the first rounds, rick your chips after a couple of hands to check out the opponents, work on your lucky streaks.

By hand ten of the final round, you need to be making large bets to secure the bigger wins. The Final hand of the finals – go all in if you have a chance at second place winnings.

Well done to you – you made it through your first nail biter Blackjack Tournament – you may have lost or you may have one but either way you are now an experienced Blackjack tournament player!