Free Bingo Versus Real Money Bingo

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Free Bingo Versus Real Money Bingo

When one thinks of bingo, it conjures up images of old age home halls with institution coloured paint and bored people just whiling away the time.

Not any more, however, as bingo has had a whole new makeover thanks to the online casino industry. These days one can find bingo on a number of online gambling sites, in various different forms and often with immense payouts for those lucky enough to yell Bingo!

Aside from the actual game variants, there are two main types of bingo which one can play, free bingo and bingo for real money.

Trying to decide between the two of these may have you scratching your head and wondering which one will suit you the best. In the article, we have a look at the pros and cons of each in order to help you make an informed decision.

Can I Win Money With Free Bingo?

The first and most obvious question is can I actually win anything if I play a free bingo game? After all, no one gives away anything for free, especially not large institutions which exist purely to make money. The answer to this question is a surprising yes.

Free bingo is based on the freeroll poker tournaments where one can enter a game without paying any deposit. Also known as no deposit bingo games, these games award the winner with a small cash prize.

To be fair, the prizes are quite small so don’t think that you are going to get rich quick playing free bingo.

Real Money Bingo Prizes

On the flip side, real money games which require a deposit to enter sometimes carry some pretty hefty prize money. These are rarer than free or no deposit bingo games, but a quick internet search into real money online bingo should turn up a number of results.

Bingo - free vs real money bingo

The Social Element

Bingo has always been a social game, you can’t really play it by yourself. Thanks to social media it has taken on a whole new social aspect with online bingo rooms seeing regular players who get to know each other in real time.

Bingo is a rather leisurely pursuit despite the excitement which grows as you cross off number after number. Games can be played one after another, especially if they are free games which don’t require any down payments to enter.

Big Scale Tournaments

Some online casinos even organise large scale online bingo tournaments which are often sponsored and involve large cash prizes.

As with the regular games, however, the free tournaments are not as lucrative as the paid ones. Practicing with free online bingo games can help you to get to know the game, but as bingo is a game of pure chance you can’t really get good at it.

So Which To Choose?

As mentioned, bingo is a game of chance. You can’t improve your skills at it, so practice won’t really help you. Free bingo is social, fun and sometimes involves real cash prizes. Real money bingo is a bit more intense, and the prizes are substantially bigger.

So basically, choosing your game all depends on what you are after. A casual rainy afternoon is probably better spent with a couple of free bingo games and some lively banter. On the other hand, if you are serious about winning, then paid games are the way to go.